The only proven way to achieve 100% permanent hair removal is with electrolysis, unfortunately electrolysis is not only expensive but it can be quite painful as well. Happily, with the no! no! hair removal system I did not experience any pain or discomfort whatsoever even on sensitive areas such as my face and bikini line.

For overall positive results with the No! No! you want to keep these two
key points in mind:

• Your goal should be for long term hair removal, you must understand that the only proven method of 100% permanent hair removal is with electrolysis (which costs thousands of dollars). Even laser hair removal does not permanently remove hair.

• You should commit to using your No! No! 3 times a week for 6-8 weeks minimum. Once those first few weeks are over you can potentially use it less depending on your individual rate of hair growth.
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(10) Comments:

Joanne Says:    
I've read many no no reviews online and I have heard a lot of great things about it, has anybody else tried this product yet?

Kimberly Says:
Hi Joanne, I started using it a week ago... I'll keep everyone informed of my results, but so far, so good!

Lynda Says:
Yea, I am interested in knowing your results as well, I look forward to your updates.

Did you buy the new 8800 model or an older model? the reason I ask is because some no no reviews that I've read say that the older model can NOT be used on facial hair or the bikini area.

Ashley Says:
After reading Jennifer's test results I am very tempted to order one but I think I'll hold off just a bit longer until Kimberly updates us on her progress, it would be interesting to see how it is working for others... Hey Kimberly, are you still out there?

Kimberly Says:
Hi everyone, yes I'm still here ;-)

I just wanted to allow enough time to elapse before updating you on my results with the NO! NO! so that I could give it an honest and fair assessment.

Well, I can sum up my results in one word... "AMAZING"!

I started using it about 6 weeks ago and as far as I'm concerned, this is the greatest thing ever invented.

It takes a bit of time to get used to and it smells a little of burnt hair, however, it removes hair beautifully and in my case, permanently.

You have to be patient and it takes about as long as shaving, but the long term results are amazing...the hair just stops growing!

As I said, it's only been 6 weeks and I have experienced very little re-growth at all (practically nothing!). I can't understand why the entire electrolysis and waxing industries haven't closed up shop.

Also, although I've read several no no reviews say that you should not use it directly on your genitals, I do use it on my pubic area with no problems.

I used to get really bad razor burn and ingrown hairs every time I shaved my bikini area, but with the No! No! I get NONE of that, It
is making me very happy :-)

I've lost count of the amount of money I've spent over the years
on waxing, depilatories and even laser hair removal, none of which have given me the results that the No! No! has given me.

I bought mine online from the no! no! website and I can tell you with all honesty that it is worth every penny... I've been waiting for this thing all my life!

If you've been sitting on the fence about buying one, do yourself a huge favor and just do it... you'll have no regrets!

Susan Says:
Hi Kimberly,

Thank you so much for your no no review, it's very helpful....

I have a couple questions if you don't mind answering when you have time

1) Have you been using it on facial hair? if so, how are the results?

2) Did you buy it online or did you find it in a store somewhere?

Thanks in advance,


Kimberly Says:
Hey Susan, sorry it took me a few days to reply... I've Been busy

Yes, I should have mentioned that I also used it on my facial hair, although I've never really had any hair on my lip or chin, I did have "peach fuzz side burns" (as my husband calls them)

The results once again have been excellent and I no longer have hair growing there anymore... I'm Soooooo Happy!

I bought the no! no! 8800 online directly from the company. I had several other no no reviews (including this one) that if you buy it online directly from the company, they throw in a few extra bonuses including 60 days risk free to try it out.

When I bought mine, they included a Very Nice Carrying Case a Free Tube of NO! NO! Smoothing Cream and a $100 Gift Card :-)

As I said, I ordered mine online so I can't say for sure if you will get the bonuses if you order by phone, however, the online order form was very fast and simple... I personally would rather order online anyway, that way I don't have to deal with someone who is trying to up-sell me on extra stuff!

I wish you all the best!

Happy & Hairless


Susan Says:
Thank you Kimberly and Jennifer for all the helpful information,
I just placed my order online and I got the same bonuses as you :-)

I can't wait to start using it... whoo hoo!


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Jennifer Marlow:

Hi Susan,

I see that Kimberly hasn't chimed in on this yet so I thought I would answer your questions for you.

1) Yes, the no! no! can be safely used on the face, I use it on my face all the time and it works wonderfully for me, in fact it comes with a special tip that is specifically designed for delicate skin such as your face and your bikini area.

2) Unfortunately the no!no! is NOT sold in stores and must be ordered directly from  their website, a company spokesperson
has informed us that this enables them to keep their costs down which allows them to sell it at a more affordable price.

I hope that helps,



Jennifer Marlow:

Hello Kimberly,

I just wanted to say thanks to you and everyone else for sharing your
no no reviews, it's much appreciated and I'm sure they will be very beneficial to those who may be still undecided

I love your sign off (Happy & Hairless)... it's cute!

Take care,

No No Review:  Staff reporter Jennifer Marlow personally tests the no! no! hair removal system to see if it lives up to it's claims...

This review was created to expose the truth behind the no! no! hair removal system
Home > Hair Removal > No No Reviews
Women'sHealth - The no! no! hair removal system is the latest buzz in the "battle against unwanted body hair"  millions of people around the world are praising this so called miracle hair remover and it has received a lot of notoriety lately since being featured on The Doctors Show.

According to Liz Vaccariello (The Dr's Show Health Investigator) the no! no! essentially uses heat to
kill the hair follicle, the idea being that a thermal dynamic wire singes and burns off the hair while eventually killing the underlying follicle.

Vaccariello went on to say that when used 2-3 times a weak for a couple of months the average person can expect to see a 94% reduction in hair regrowth, and that despite the cost, the no! no! hair remover is a great investment.

Well, we here at The Daily Consumer were a little skeptical of the claims made by the manufacturer so with my editors blessing I decided to put the no! no! to the test. What better way to find out if it works as well as they claim than to use it on myself!
News Reporter
To get started, I ordered the no! no! directly from their Official Company Website which came with a 100% 60 day risk-free trial and a bonus discount shopping card worth $100.00 (so far, off to a good start)

The first thing you must know is that the No! No! does require a bit of a time commitment. For optimum results the manufacturer recommends that it be used three times a week for 20 minutes per session, missing some of the required sessions may cause slightly inconsistent results, but don't worry if you miss the odd session, it's not a detriment.

Initially, the slight smell of burning hair was a bit disconcerting, (I read several other no no reviews that expressed the same concern) however, I only noticed the smell the first time I used it and I contribute it to the fact that my body hair was quite long at the time.

Of course the most important question is: Did it get rid of the hair?... Yes it did!
and I now have significantly less hair regrowth after using the No! No!, however, that's not to say that I don't have any hair regrowth at all, but it is definitely MUCH LESS than before, I would say it's probably about 90% less!

The NO! NO! Hair Removal System
was named "Beauty Breakthrough Product of
the Year" by InStyle Magazine and has been voted "Product of the Year in the USA" by the Consumer Survey of Product Innovation
with over 60,000 votes!
Conclusion: I’ve been using the No! No! for just over 2 months now and the results have been very impressive, although I may not be 100% hair free I can certainly say that more than 90% of my hair regrowth has completely stopped!

The important thing when purchasing the no! no! hair removal system is to not have unrealistic expectations. No! No! does exactly what it claims, a long term hair removal system that is pain free and safe to use on all hair colors and skin types, there is no mess, no cuts, no burns, and no pain... Best of all... It Works!

I recommend that you take advantage of their Internet offer which includes a 100% Risk-Free 60 Day Trial, plus some other Bonus Gifts including a $100 discount shopping card that's yours to keep no matter what!
no no reviews

No No Reviews

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An Important UPDATE:
NO! NO! Hair is Now Offering a 100% RISK-FREE 60 Day Trial...

They are so confident that you'll love your no! no! hair remover that they are willing to put their money where their mouth is...

If up to 60 days you aren't 100% satisfied with the no! no! system they will cheerfully

1. Refund the full Product Price!

2. Refund the Shipping & Handling!

3. Pay the Cost to Ship it Back!

To qualify for the guarantee you must buy it directly from their Official Website